Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Christmas may be over, but in Kentucky, the winter months haven’t even started yet!

Today, it’s a nice 60 degrees, one of the colder days so far this month, and it’s raining cats and dogs. So while it may not be cold enough for hot chocolate, it sure is dreary enough!

dark hot chocolate 1

What I love about these little guys is they are perfectly portioned, self-contained instant hot chocolate! And look how cute they are!

I make these using cupcake tins and mini cupcake wrappers. I have also seen them done in silicone molds and ice cube trays. I use mini cupcake tins because it then becomes a multi-tasker and because it makes the hot chocolates look like little peanut butter cups. (Ooh, wouldn’t that be good?)

dark hot chocolate

This recipe is for dark hot chocolate, but can (and will!) be easily adapted for milk chocolate. It also yields several cups of cocoa, so maybe package them up as presents or keep them in preparation for the colder days to come!

When it comes to the chocolate you use for this recipe, be picky! It’s best to use high quality bars, such as the Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bar. But you can use any chocolate that says in the ingredients section that is contains real cocoa butter.


1 lb. dark chocolate, broken into chunks

1 cup powdered sugar

12 mini cupcake wrappers

12 sticks or wooden spoons

Cocoa powder, for sprinkling



Place chunks of dark chocolate in a microwave safe containers and heat for 30 second intervals, stopping to stir the chocolate between each zap.

When the chocolate is fully melted and smooth, sift the powder sugar into the chocolate. This step is completely optional and serves to take the edge off the dark chocolate. Stir the powder sugar until fully incorporated.

Spoon between 2-3 oz of chocolate into mini cupcake wrappers.* Immediately insert wooden spoons or sticks into the chocolate and let sit for a minute before placing in the fridge to chill for five minutes.

Remove hot chocolates from fridge and allow to fully set (about 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of the room). Peel cupcake wrappers off the hot chocolates. Dust with cocoa powder.

To serve, heat 8 oz of milk in a microwave safe mug and stir in the hot chocolate. Super easy, huh?

*Not all mini cupcake tins are 3 oz, and will therefore have a higher yield of this recipe. Simply reduce to 6 oz of milk and bask in the joy of having so many hot chocolate sticks!


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