How-To: 3 Easy Ways to Decorate Halloween Cupcakes

Oh, it’s that most wonderful time of the year! I’ve been going absolutely bonkers in my kitchen cooking up all sorts of Halloween tricks and treats, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The post I want to start this witching season off is one I find the most valuable. Look, Halloween is a holiday all about rushing. It’s about getting in as many houses before bed time; it’s about getting as much candy as you can in this one night; it’s about getting your treats ready before the ghosties and ghoulies come knocking on your door. These easy cupcake decorations are speedy and spooky–exactly what the holiday calls for.

Since there’s no time to waste, the midnight hour approaches, let’s get started!

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Melted Witch

The melted witch cupcake has arguably the most detail and would probably become monotonous if you had to do a whole dozen. The good news is that the decorations don’t take all that long! I was able to do all the decorations for six cupcakes in less than 10 minutes, including frosting the cupcakes.

You’ll need:

  • Green colored frosting
  • Black pre-made fondant
  • Halloween striped paper straws
  • Assorted sprinkles (optional)

Ice the cupcakes with the green frosting, being sure to use swiping motions. This gives the illusion of a pile of melted witch-stuff. Measure the straws against the height of your cupcake–they need to go into the cupcake about a half-inch for stability, and they can stick out as far you’d like.

The fondant witch hat and shoes are what took the most time. Roll out the pre-made fondant and when smooth, use a large icing tip to cut out the brims of the hats. Set aside.


Take a small chunk of fondant and roll between your palms to smooth the surface and create a small, fat cylinder. Taper off the end  of the cylinder to create the top of the hat. Just barely wet a brim and attach the triangle. Add details as desired, such as wrinkles and bends and a sprinkle buckle.


For the shoes, roll two small chunks of fondant into bean-like shapes. Use scissors to cut a small triangle out of the bean shape about 1/4 of the way down its length. This creates the heel. Pierce the topside of the shoe with the straws. set aside and let dry.

Assemble to your pleasure!

#faustbakes #halloween


These cupcakes were too easy! I found these Peeps marshmallow treats while strolling the Halloween aisle at the store, and visions of this cupcake started dancing in my head!

You’ll need:


Pipe a big swirl of buttercream on top of the cupcake to create the hill. Sprinkle cake crumbs generously over the top of the swirl while still wet. Snip the bottom of the marshmallow tombstone to make inserting the lollipop stick easier. Gently work the stick into the bottom of the marshmallow tombstone until about half way through. Place on the cupcake.

#faustbakes #halloween

Crystal Ball

This cupcake is probably my favorite. The little table looks so cute, and the murky look of the crystal ball gives the illusion that something’s conjuring over there!

You’ll need:

  • Several cream soda flavored Dum-Dum suckers
  • Red frosting
  • Red crystal sprinkles
  • Yellow frosting, in a piping back with a #1 tip
  • Assorted sprinkles for decoration

Frost the cupcake from liner-edge to liner-edge. Pour red sprinkles on a small plate and roll the top of the iced cupcake in the pile until completely covered. Measure the Dum-Dum suckers against the height of the cupcake, and trim the stick as needed so that the sucker just barely hovers over the top. Insert the sucker. Fill the gap between the sucker’s bottom and the cupcake’s top with the yellow frosting. Decorate the table with all sorts of spooky things you would need during a seance!

There you have it! Super easy cupcake decorations that took no time at all.

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